Winning against fat and cellulite

Over 85% of women across the world suffer from cellulite. This complication affects areas such as thighs, stomach, legs as well as buttocks. Cellulite comprises of fat cells deposited just beneath the skin. In our discussion below, we have looked at some of the ways on how to win the battle with pounds and cellulite, so if you want to lose your cellulite quickly, be sure to read all the wy to the end!

Ways and Exercises that reduce cellulite

Squat and side lifts

Squatting is among the best workouts for removing cellulite by increasing on the flow of blood. Squats and side lifts help in exercising the hamstring, glutes, hip flexors, quadriceps and abductors.

How to do squats and side lifts

best cellulite exercisesWear your ankle weights and stand on your feet such that they are shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the hips and move the elbows outwards with the toes of your feet pointing out. Keep your head straight as the eyes look forward. In case you want to push yourself slightly then you have to hold a light dumbbell in your hand as you continue performing the moves. Bend your knees and then squat back with your back flat. Pause and then straighten your legs by lifting them from the floor towards the opposite direction.

Kettle bells

Kettles bells help in increasing the follow of blood towards the thighs, buttocks, stomach and hips among others. Increased flow of blood in these regions assists in removing cellulite. We have several kettle bell workouts but for today, we have outlined for you the two-arm swing.

How working with kettle bells reduce cellulite

Stand above the kettle bell with your feet apart and the kettle bell lying between the heels. Lower your hips as if you are about to sit in chair and then grab the kettle bell with the help of your hands. Your arms should remain straight, your shoulders behind your knees and the back straight. Ensure that your entire weight is on the heels and not the toes. Pop up your hips so that you swing the kettle bell in front of you.

One-legged lunges

The one-legged lounger helps in working out your hamstring, glutes as well as quadriceps. You only a sturdy or even a bench then you can start the exercise.

How to perform lunges that banish cellulite

Begin by standin2- 3 feet from a bench or a sturdy wooden chair. Bend your right knee and then extend your right backwards. With your right leg on top of the chair or bench, keep your back in a straight position, the head aligned to the spine and eyes facing in the forward direction. Bend the left or right knee forwards until it maintains a parallel position with the floor. Perform one set with your left leg and then turn to the right one until you feel exhausted. Performing this workout is not easy especially at the start but with time, your body will find it simple.

Coffee scrub

Massaging your skin with coffee stimulates the lymphatic system hence reducing cellulite. Coffee has a great smell and its scrub assists in exfoliating the skin.

Requirements: a cup of coffee grounds, 2-3 teaspoonfuls of coconut oil and 2 teaspoonfuls of brown sugar.

How to do coffee scrubs and get rid of cellulite

Combine the three ingredients in order to create a paste and massage your skin using the paste severally 2-3 minutes per week. Store in a cool dry place after every application

Dry brushing your skin

Dry brushing the skin helps in stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic flow and removes toxins. The process opens up the pores on your skin.

Directions for dry brushing

how to do dry brushing to get rid of celluliteBegin brushing from your feet towards to the shoulders in a gentle manner giving more attention to the areas with more cellulitee. Concentrate the movements of the brush towards the regions of the heart so that you can increase on the flow of blood needed for healthy living.

Dry wash for about 5 minutes and then jump into the bathroom so that you can have a cold shower.

EAT cayenne pepper in your foods

Cayenne pepper has the ability of burning down the excess fats in your body. In addition, it helps in removing dead cells from your skin and replaces them with new ones.

Take 1-2 teaspoonfuls of cayenne teaspoonful of lemon juice and teaspoonful of ginger and mix cayenne, lemon juice and ginger. Drink the juice daily for a month and see how your cellulite will be reduced!

In conclusion, dealing with cellulite involves nutrition, massaging and exercising. Some of the exercises that reduce cellulite include Squat and side lifts, kettle bells, one-legged lunges among others.

In addition, you can use cayenne pepper or dry brushing your skin for a few weeks. To cure cellulite faster, combine both exercises and nutrition for a few weeks. For more great cellulite tips visit